Five Secrets of the Healthiest People That Ever Roamed the Earth

There are so many diets out there.
How can you know which one is best? Why not start by looking at the diet of the healthiest people who
ever roamed the face of the earth? You may ask who they were and what did they eat. Read on for the answers. Paleolithic man (the people who
lived for millions of years up until the time that agriculture took hold 10,000 years ago) had the lowest fat-to-total-body-weight ratio of
any people on earth – even though they ate more and burned no more calories than the average active American. They were amazingly fit and
had powerful muscle tone. The men averaged 5’10”, the women 5’6”. Their physiology was the equivalent of elite athletes of today, and they
evolved as such by following these rules:

1 – Stay strong and lean.
Our ancestors who lived in the Paleolithic period just before agriculture were as physically fit as elite
athletes are today. They combined walking and running with activities similar to weight lifting and stretching. This active life style is
one reason why those who live beyond their eighties remain robust, relatively free form disease, and youthful.

2 – Focus on wild, natural food. Up to 65% of our original diets were fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds and other plants. The other
35% came from wild game, low in saturated fats and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Hundreds of studies spanning decades of research show that
diets based on these foods are the ones that lower disease risk, prevent obesity, boost energy, and mood, improve mental function, and slow

3 – Pay attention. For our ancestors, the rule was: stay healthy and pay attention or die. Those who failed to pay attention to their
health became prey. Those who paid attention and stayed healthy lived to tell the tale and pass on their genes. Today, people who value
education, nurture creative thinking, hunger for knowledge, and explore life by learning new skills, keep their minds active. These people
are also less likely to Garcinia Cambogia Where to Buy develop Alzheimer’s disease. People who take care of their bodies by eating well and exercising regularly have the
best chance of living long and healthy lives. Our minds and body evolved to stay active throughout life.

4 – Learn to relax. Like our ancestors, people living in modern-day hunter-gather societies work hard and play well. They balance days of
intense physical activity with days of hanging around the camp relaxing and resting. The modern day rat race leaves little room for this
reflective time, but the natural rhythms of our bodies still need the inner peace that comes from rest. We become upset when one stress is
piled on top of another. A weekly time-out from this frantic pace essential if we want to live in harmony with ourselves.

5 – Belong to a supportive extended family of loved ones or friends. We are social creatures wit ha long heritage of communication,
cooperation and cohabitation. We survived and evolved giving and receiving love, being needed by others, and contributing to society. That
connectedness is what gives life meaning and purpose, which explains why married people live longer than single people, and why people with
strong social support have low risks of developing heart disease . . . and recover quickly from illness, adapt to life’s changes and live
the healthiest lives.